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About Us



Sons of sophistication is dedicated to advancing the lives of young minority men. The goal is to foster an inspiring environment, where young men can push themselves as well as each other to defy stereotypes and break boundaries.




Sons of Sophistication’s mission is to give young men the tools they need, not only to conquer the world, but to leave their footprint amongst society. 


Visionary Goal Setting: Students will learn to envision their manhood in the future and to make clear connections between their current behaviors, attitudes, and values to their vision. 

Self-Determination: Students will learn the importance of focus and perseverance for reaching one’s goals while facing self-defeating feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that can become obstacles or barriers to goal attainment. 

Presentation: Students will learn the necessary skills to dress for success, understanding the importance of the world’s perception of them, and how to properly carry themselves in any setting. 

Respect for Women: Students will dissect their personal views towards women and relationships, and taught how to leverage their position too, not only empower, but value the women in their lives.

Accountability: Students will learn how to take ownership of their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors while also learning that a man does not project or put blame onto others for the consequences of his own bad decisions. 

Integrity: Students will learn to identify their core value, reflect on their actions, and understand the importance of ensuring that the two align in every space that they enter. 

Positive Emotion Expression: Students will learn how to identify and face their traumas, pain, and faulty thinking patterns that cause them to act in destructive manners. Then they will begin to learn how to heal these parts of themselves and how to use their revitalized energy in a constructive manner.

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