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Mentoring Programs


Curriculum Writing

Sons of Sophistication creates specialized curriculums for your specific program or workshop. Our curriculum is drawn from multiple resources using evidence-based practices to create a cohesive, interactive session that will optimize your program’s impact. 


Program Advising

Sons of Sophistication’s Founders offer program advising for anyone interested in starting or looking to improve your organization. This service can include

    - Designing Leadership Structure

    - Curriculum Planning

    - In-Kinding

    - Building Strong School & Community Relationships 

    - Keys to building student relationships 



Mentoring Chapters

Sons of Sophistication partners with schools and community leaders to start chapters of the organization in different cities. Chapters provide an opportunity for children to have consistent support and interact with the organization to further our mission. Chapters can implement a combination of any of the following tools:

    - Near Peer Mentoring

    - Tutoring

    - Workshops

    - Field Trips, Tours, and Community Service




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